S.A. Fire Flame is the leader of the Sierra Vista SSX street gang. He is from Sierra Vista, Stockton. He was jumped into the gang on March 23, 1985 when he was 15.

Name: Seljerlio Delganlitas

Born: March 23, 1970 Hayward, California(40 years old)

Relatives: Mother(deceased), Grandmother(deceased), Grandfather(deceased), 2 Aunts(1 deceased), 2 Brothers, Sister

Crimes: Robbery-March 23, 1985,

Early Life

Delganlitas was born March 23, 1970, in Hayward, California. Born to a Mexican immigrant and an unknown Portugese man. He described his mother Henrita Delganlitas as a violent prostitute who on many occassions forced young Seljerlio to watch her have sex with men or get whipped with a paddle. His father tortured him by burning him with lit cigarettes, beating him with candlesticks, hitting him with wooden boards etc.